In accordance with the article 4 of Letter of Association of ISIPO and in order to fulfill the technology requirements of industries, penetration

of new technologies and improvement of technology exchange process and enhancement of such services, this domain was established pursuant to the signing of an agreement between ISIPO and Pardis technology park and start-up of regional techno markets was put into the agenda from 2013.

Definition: Regional techno market, are centers established under the supervision of Iran national techno market and in close cooperation with technology related agencies in provinces or regions of the country. These techno markets are responsible for the management and collection of data related to the achievements and technology requirements of the region, as well as for facilitating of technology exchange and provision of various kinds of specialized services and will be able to satisfy the requirements of industries and economic firms or provide the best resources to meet their demands through the development of a comprehensive network consisting of professionals and industrial and academic scientific research centers.

There are numerous benefits in the establishment of regional techno market including:

*  Creating a technology database in each province as well as their interaction in the form of a national structure

*  Preventing doing parallel works and making attempts toward the convergence and synergism of activities

*  Providing opportunities for the development of  province through technology exchanges created by regional techno market

*  Providing an opportunity to Technology Parks and provincial growth centers to introduce companies, products and services in order to develop technology and commercialization

*  Providing an expandable groundwork necessary for industrial parks and companies and relevant agencies in order to introduce the product or claiming the technology demand in a specific region.

*  Creating of a regional exchange market and offering opportunities to compete between regions with respect to various regional talents and capabilities across the country.

*  Providing an opportunity for technology cooperation between provincial technology companies and regional, national and international levels

Available services by regional techno market

A wide variety of services are provided through the network of regional techno market:

*  To assist the introduction and marketing of companies and institutions? products in each region, province or nation

*  To cooperate and interact in order to sale equipment and technologies of member companies and institutions

*  To speed up the recognition of requirements and problems of technology and production units of province and their resolve

*  To assist the introduction of experts in industries and technology

*  To provide specialized  technology required by members of regional techno markets

*  To provide identity for technology and product to technology, projects, and equipment supplies

*  To hold technology exchange meetings and provide assistance for the export process and technology exchange of province based on regional techno markets

*  To provide an extensive coverage for the latest scientific and technology achievements of each province and publication of technology newsletter.

*  To publish the news of member companies, newsletters and news reports sent to news agencies

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