Technology Parks, in the one hand, provide an appropriate infrastructure for the settlement of technological manufacturing units, service and consultancy providers through the collection of elements involved in the development of technology and providing software supports required for the creation of small and medium manufacturing start up businesses which are technology oriented and on the other hand, improve the competitive edge of manufacturing businesses through the promotion of new technologies.

Given the mission of ISIPO in creating the appropriate infrastructure for improvement of competitiveness as well as providing support for technological and knowledge-based units, the establishment of Technology Parks was put into the agenda of ISIPO and provincial companies.

Currently, 9 Technology Parks (7 ratified parks and 2 non-ratified ones) are in the various phases of study, establishment and operation.

Main goals of Technology Parks:

*  To support and facilitate the penetration and diffusion of new technologies in manufacturing businesses

*  To improve the manufacturing businesses by equipping them with high technologies

*  To institutionalize manufacturing processes, transmission, absorption, localization, and diffusion of cutting-edge technologies

*  Establishment of commercialization system and development of entrepreneurship which leads to the wealth production in society.

*  To facilitate the communication and knowledge flow among state organizations, technological units, R&D centers, and expand their activities

*  To provide aid  for the creation and growth of technology-based manufacturing businesses with an emphasis on private sector

*  To provide aid for realization of the goals and upstream documents (20-year-vision,  strategic industrial development strategic document, development plan of the country, science and technology development document, etc.) in the field of production and export of knowledge-based goods with high added value

*  To provide aid for the economic development of the country

Features of technological parks

*  Easy accessibility

*  Small but powerful organizational structure and experienced management in the IT governance

*  Ability of procuring facilities and services with high added value

*  Appropriate urban, communication and telecommunication infrastructures

*  Easy access to highways, airports, railways

*  Modern architecture and a quiet and pleasant climate

*  Tendency toward self-government in maintaining and benefitting government support in soft governance

*  Utilizing maximum power of the private sector in the completion of their components

*  Based on the real technology requirements of the manufacturing startups

*  Adjacent to industrial and academic hubs in metropolitan cities

*  Technology Parks will be treated as Special Economic Zones

Technology Parks Components

*  Technology and Business Service Centers (TBSCs).

*  Laboratories

*  R&D Centers

*  Incubation center

*  Center for the deployment of production units (lands, prefabricated workshops)

*  Education Center

*  Center for Information and Communication Technology

*  Exhibition

*  Public facilities and services

Note: The above-mentioned components are adapted from the general pattern of Technology Parks. Precise components and their designs will be determined based upon the requirements of applicants, current conditions and capacities in specialized fields, and relevant studies in each park.

Settlement in Technology Parks

Exploitation Right will be done in two forms of rent and definitive transfer (permanent). Technology Services Center Offices (rental), prefabricated workshops (sales and rental), and lands (sales).

Applicants with the following qualifications are allowed to be settled in the Technology Parks:

*  A specialized business service providers, including specialized companies in management, marketing, finance and investment, training, formulation, laboratory services, information technology, technology, legal, etc. consultation

*  Idea owners who require hardware and software facilities in order to commercialize their ideas

*  Technological manufacturing units which produce new products with the latest technology and high added value

Note: The maximum size of assignable lands is 2000 m2 which can be increased to maximum 5000 m2 based on feasibility study and subject to the approval of the board of Provincial Company.