To provide better opportunities for interactions between industrial units and consultants to communicate via Web that helps industries make advantage of engineering, technical and consultancy services.

Target Audience

*  Juridical and natural persons which offer consultancy for manufacturing, business, etc. and are interested to demonstrate their abilities

*  Industrial units seeking technical, engineering and consultancy services

*  Industrial start-up projects that need technical, engineering and consultancy services

Measures Taken

*  Designing the website (www.adviser.sme.ir)

*  Notification of the website

*  Entering data of hundreds of consultants in the website


Consultants willing to introduce themselves through the website have to fill out required forms available at the website and submit their application to Provincial Industrial Parks Company enclosed with other supplementary documents.

Once the applicants documents are checked by the Company and Central Organization, the data will be entered into the website.

Procedure for Users

Users can search by consultants name or subject matter to find the appropriate consultant they are looking for.