*  To make industrial units familiar with the necessity and advantages of IT and encourage them to move towards e-commerce

*  To help industrial units in Market Development and accessing to regional and global markets

*  To provide network connection that facilitates access to local industrial units from all over the world

Target Audience

*  Small industries

*  Industrial units located in Industrial Parks and Areas

*  Other interested industrial units

General Features

*  Virtual exhibitions

*  Advertisement section for industrial units

*  Information accessibility for industrial units by industry type, product, service, company name, province, city and industrial settlement

*  Possibility of electronic communication between members and industrial units and also buying and selling products between members

*  E-mail account for industrial units

*  E-cards; send and receive

Measures Taken

*  Designing and inauguration of www.sme.ir portal with enabling creation of virtual offices (since 2004)

*  Ongoing portal update

*  Organizing educational seminars and workshops in order to make industrial units familiar with IT

*  Dedicating Virtual Offices for more than 44,000 industrial units

Application Procedure

*  Applying in person at Industrial Parks Company

*  Getting a free username and password

*  Building up a virtual office (entering the companys portfolio and data into the website)