To assist establishment of small industries (Start-ups), development of the existing investments, providing working capital, development of operational units, renovation and reconstruction of small industries, ISIPO supports the SMEs under the certain schemes.


*  Technical Assistance and Credit Scheme

*  Renovation and Reconstruction Scheme

*  Dairy Industries Technical Assistance and Credit Scheme

Scope of Facilities

*  Working capital

*  Industrial units with structural problems

*  Start-ups, development plans of operational units


*  Corresponding projects with Development Plan of the respective province

*  Projects of minimum 40%  physical progress

*  Projects in industrial parks and regions

*  Knowledge-based and high tech small industries

Target Audience:

*  Manufacturing units with structural problems

*  Working capital: only once in a production cycle

*  Start-ups, completion and development plans

*  Engineering and technical service provider units

Granting Subsidy on Interest Rate and Bank Commission

Maximum amount of bank interest subsidy in case the qualifications meet for the target group is 25% based on the region the unit operates.