Given the idea that, export management companies can be an efficient way for domestic companies (specifically SMEs) to get their exports into foreign markets, ISIPO signed an MoU with TPO (Trade Promotion Organization of Iran) to enhance the formation and settlement of EMCs in industrial parks adjacent to manufacturing units.

Scope of Activities

These companies can help with exporting trade by acting as an intermediary on the company they are exporting for and serve many benefits and functions those of:

*  Expertise in exporting trade goods, regulations, and overseas product transfer/licensing

*  Trades on behalf of the supplier and acts as primary exporting department liaison

*  No financial commitment on the part of the supplier

*  Already licensed for trading in foreign markets

*  Freeing company resources for production

*  Signaling the market taste and requirements to the manufacturers to produce based on market requirements.

EMC is a smart move for many manufacturers, and has both the knowledge and skill to quickly and efficiently get an SME?s products shipped.

Procedure for Cluster Development

*  Experienced trade companies willing to act as an EMC, will refer to TPO or its provincial branches and submit the required information and documents.

*  TPO or its provincial branches will assess the documents and in case they are marked as qualified, the company will receive EMC Grade D.

*  TPO or its provincial branches will introduce the EMC to ISIPO and ISIPO will facilitate the EMC?s settlement in TBSCs (Technology and Business Service Centers)