To enhance competitiveness and strengthen industrial units through sharing experiences and achievements of successful industrial units with other units

Units to Visit

Successful industrial units holding impressive records of achievements those of the categories:

*  Enhancement of quality and productivity

*  Research and Development (R&D)

*  Technology Development

*  Market Development and Export

*  Entrepreneurship & Innovation

*  Information Technology

Target Audience

*  Entrepreneurs and applicants for establishment of small industrial units in industrial parks and areas

*  Managers and staffs of small industrial units located in industrial parks and areas

*  Institutions that offer scientific, technical and consultancy services

*  University students


Authorized foundations that are in cooperation with the Industrial Parks Company in the province identify the industrial units with successful experiences and conduct preliminary negotiations. When the respective unit(s) declared their readiness for the visit, the respective foundation will arrange the visit in cooperation with the Industrial Parks Company.


Applicants only pay 50% of the costs on registration with the tours. The rest will be paid to the tour operator foundation by the Industrial Parks Company in the province after the tour held and got evaluated.

There are some tours that are undertaken for free and only by coordination with officials of industrial units.