To enhance the ability of small Industries to compete in the regional and global market; facilitate access to capital to support international trade; ensure that the interests of small industries are considered and reflected in trade negotiations; and support and contribute to the Iran Governments international agenda.  

Target Audience

*  Small Industries

*  Manufacturing units located in Industrial parks/areas

*  SMEs located in Industrial Clusters

Forms of Assistance

*  Improving international cooperation for creating new market in the framework of bilateral and multilateral cooperation

*  Collaborations with international and regional organizations those of OIC, D-8, UNIDO, ECO and ?

*  Collaborations (bilateral & multilateral) with the organizations and agencies related to SMEs in other countries in the form of MoUs

*  Facilitating international relations among SMEs

*  Advertising and disseminating the publications and news about various programs for SME sectors and events

*  Cooperating with international organizations for partnership between Iran and foreign SMEs

*  Organizing and facilitating business tours and trips for SMEs

*  Holding and taking part in international seminars for exchanging experiences among SMEs

At the time being ISIPO is having MoUs with fifteen(15) countries and some activities carried out based on the MoUs.