ISIPO studies, designs, facilitates, and supports the overall marketing and outreach programs to meet the broad needs of Small Industries. Its marketing efforts include a wide variety of programs and fostering alliances with related associations, corporations and government bodies through different forms of assistance.

Target Audience

*  Small Industries

*  Manufacturing units located both in and out of Industrial Parks/Areas

*  SMEs located in Industrial Clusters

Forms of Assistance

*  Materializing various SMEs supporting policies of the Government

*  Supporting the SMEs participation in the domestic and international exhibitions and show cases

*  Enriching marketing skills of the entrepreneurs and small industries through technical applied training programs

*  Supporting market researches

*  Evaluation of market research projects proposed by the provinces

*  Enhancing and facilitating the formation of SMEs consortia aiming at Marketing their products and services

*  Providing platform for SMEs to link with large industries

*  Supporting, subsidizing  and collaborating on Training Courses on SMEs marketing skills

*  Supporting the erection of permanent fairs in the provinces

*  Compiling and updating the database for the industrial units interested in foreign investment alliances

*  Supporting access to international and regional markets

*  Supplying foreign markets information and regulations

*  Organizing B2B seminars between Iranian and foreign SMEs

*  Compiling and updating the publications of industrial directories

*  Enhancing establishment of permanent presence of units in foreign markets.


*  Enhancement of cooperatives formation on raw material supply.