Supporting entrepreneurs and those who want to establish industrial units to build up their business skills through

*  Holding training courses for improving the scientific and professional skills of SMEs workforce

*  Holding training courses for promotion of business skills of entrepreneurs

*  Organizing and holding industrial tours

*  Developing Engineering and Consultancy services to Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Target Audience

All entrepreneurs and applicants who intend to establish a small industrial unit or industrial units in industrial parks and areas.


Authorized educational institutions that are in cooperation with the Industrial Parks Company in the province, offer the courses. The courses will run if the number of registered applicants for the course meets the quorum.

Course Materials

Entrepreneurship training programs syllabus(es) may be offered separately or in form of a training package. Most important materials of the package are: creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, drawing up business plan, small businesses management, basics of negotiations, and familiarity with laws and regulations.


Those who sign up for a training course and based on region?s development stage have to pay 25 to 75 percent of the tuition to the organizer institution. The rest will be paid to the organizer institution by ISIPO (provincial subsidiary companies) after the course held and got evaluated.