(Goals, Facilities and Incentives)

The purpose of creating special economic zones are supporting economic activities, international trade, regional economic activities, production and processing of goods, technology transfer, export, employment, attracting and encouraging domestic and foreign investment, transit and transship.

Special economic zones accounted for targets of government policies towards industrial development, employment and regional development.

The advantages that special economic zones have are:

*  Freedom of participation and investment for the domestic and foreign nationalities.

*  Entry and exit of goods without customs duties and commercial interests for processing, production, conversion, completion, etc.

*  Duty-free entry of goods made in the zone into the domestic market especially in terms of added value.

*  Possibility to re-export, re-transit of goods without any customs formalities.

*  Freedom of entry and exit of capital to the zone.

*  Freedom of entry and exit of foreign goods from all origins into/out of the region.

*  Possibility of converting and packaging of goods for re-export.

*  Possibility of producing a variety of industrial products marketable in and outside the nation.

*  Possibility of importing a percentage of production into the country without bureaucracy.

*  Trouble-free wholesale

According to the special economic zones law, Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization is currently in charge of a number of special economic zones in the country those of Lorestan and Yazd special economic zones.