A place inside large industrial parks or Technology Parks with the aim of providing required facilities for the industrial consultants in different fields those of technical and engineering, management, financial, legal, marketing, training etc. to provide the manufacturing and industrial units in the parks with software and consultancy services. Not only the consultants get hold of the offices but also facilities like conference and meeting halls, classrooms, libraries etc. These centers are owned by ISIPO for good.


To provide better opportunities for industrial units and advisers to interact through these centers

Target Audience

*  Juridical and natural persons that offer consultancy services for manufacturers, business owners, etc.

*  Industrial units seeking technical, engineering and consultancy services

*  Industrial start-up companies that need technical, engineering and consultancy services

Measures Taken

*  Construction of TBSCs in industrial parks, including:

TBSCs at Mashhad Food Industries Technology Park, Tabriz Automotive  Parts, Eshtehard, Abbas-Abad and Shamsabad Industrial Parks in Tehran, Shokuhieh Industrial Park in Qom, Ardabil Industrial Park, Zanjan Industrial Park, Mirjaveh Industrial Park in Zahedan, Paytakht, Nasirabad, Shahre kord, Sanandaj1, Agh Ghala in Gorgan, Khoramabad2, Amol, Hamedan and Yazd.


*  Consultants interested in offering services in above-mentioned centers have to visit Industrial Parks Company in their province and submit their application. Then they will be given the permission to settle in the office if qualifications meet.


*  The offices are exempted completely in the first six months, 50 percent of the annual contract in the third quarter, and 25 percent in the fourth quarter. In the second year, the office rental will be paid completely by the consultants. In case of being inactive, the office must be returned by the consultant.

Financial Incentives for Industries

At maximum, 65 percent of consultancy services costs will be paid by ISIPO under respective rules to the consultants obtained rankings from President Strategic Planning and Monitoring Deputy.

Note: Training courses are held for Business Service Providers (BDSp) by ISIPO free of charge