An Industrial Park is a special area for the establishment of a group of specific industrial, research, technology, and support services units to which all or part of the infrastructural facilities and services necessary for the type and extent of activities are allocated.

An Industrial Area is a limited area and less than one hundred hectares which is created in the framework of existing Regional Plans adopted by Iran Supreme Council of Architecture and Urban Planning, prioritizing agricultural products to enhance rural employment. This area encompasses a series of organized industrial units with priority of agricultural conversion industries and support services and provides the industrial units with the necessary infrastructures and services.

Set up in Industrial Parks to benefit the followings:

·         Single Contract

·         Single Commission

·         In place  Infrastructure (Water, Gas, waste water treatment & …)

·         Installed Payments ( 30% cash, 70% in 3 years and more)

·         Facilitating and speeding up the implementation by decreasing bureaucracy

·         Gaining ISIPO services and supports (technical and financial)

The Facilities Provided in Industrial Parks:

·         Natural Gas,

·         Electricity, Telecommunication,

·         Water and power supply

·         Waste water treatments

·         Prefabricated Industrial Workshops

·         Banks,

·         Insurance Offices,

·         Clinics,

·         Fire Station,

·         Technology and Business Service Centers(TBSCs)

·         ISIPO’s assistance

·         Sport centers,

·         Green space

Settlement Procedure for entrepreneurship:

Obtaining valid establishment license à Signing the contract with ISIPO (Provincial Companies) àAllocation of Landà Construction à Acquiring Gas, Water, Power,…à Obtaining the termination Certificate à Obtaining Construction Exemptions, Grants and Subsidies àIssuance of operation certificate à Obtaining Operation Exemptions, Grants and Subsidies àIssuance of Ownership Certificate

Terms of Allocating Land to Applicants

Entrepreneurs and applicants for establishing small units that are granted with a valid establishment license should refer to the Industrial Parks Company of the respective province. It is worth to mention that settlement in the Parks is according to industry-type-zone classification.