Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) is a developmental organization affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade which established by amalgamating "Iran Small Industries Org." with " Iran Industrial Estate Co." in the second half of the year 2005, aimed at planning and developing industrial parks/areas as well as supporting small industries (less than 50 employees), promoting networks and industrial clusters and providing the consultancy services, in  frame of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade general policies.

Considering the fact that 92% of Iran industries are SMEs and regarding the vital role of SMEs in the economic growth, ISIPO applies various supports and services through the provision of developmental programs to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and provides them with infrastructures and facilities.

In this regard ISIPO expands its cooperation with industrial associations, public institutions, R&D centers, universities, engineering and consultancy services companies to create the fruitful environment for utilizing and applying new technologies and to make itself knowledge oriented organization that is flexible towards international transformations.